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Creative mandate for the home:

After traveling the world during 2020, this couple decided to settle down on the street of their dreams in the West Village. They found this charm filled apartment with a large outdoor terrace, perfect for entertaining. BUT, the original layout didn't quite fit their lifestyle and functionality.

As renters, they were limited with how much they could change, so we designed this mid-century inspired slatted wall to break off the smaller front room into a foyer and then bedroom hidden behind, allowing the larger back room off the terrace to be the living/dining room. This also made for a seamless transition of indoor/outdoor entertaining as the back room was connected to the terrace.


The wood slatted wall was built in three sections, allowing them to take it with them when they leave and have flexibility of use in a new space.


Additionally, a small room off of this front room was best used as a walk-in closet off their new bedroom, since the apartment featured no real closet space. The flipped use of this space and architectural addition of the slatted wall transformed this home entirely.


With mid-century modern as their design inspiration, we mixed materials and patterns to create a home that was fun, sophisticated, and representative if these clients. 

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