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Creative mandate for the home:

This family was a real estate client of mine, whom I helped purchase and sell their first home, and then purchase this apartment in an art deco building in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The clients then hired our firm to transform their kitchen into a warm, organic, and usable space.


One of these clients is a professional chef, and when purchased, this kitchen had no regular size fridge (two under the counter refrigerators instead), a small dishwasher, and no upper cabinetry. The previous owner was a minimalist, and it showed. 

This client wanted the aesthetic to reflect a mix of old and new, and because this building was built in 1922, she wanted to honor the art deco style it exhibited throughout. Thus the arched cabinets were born. The cabinets were designed with this style in mind, and then constructed by an expert millworker to bring them to life. The ribbed glass in certain cabinets helped break things up visually and carried forward the art deco aesthetic. Brass inlay detail was added to the face of the shelves for further interest. The left kitchen wall was expanded to accommodate a full size fridge, and the base cabinets were reconfigured to allow for a full dishwasher and added cabinet storage. 

The backsplash is a water resistant lime wash paint that brings texture and warmth, while keeping the visual focal point on the arched cabinets above. A beautiful honed marble countertop grounds the entire kitchen and completes the organic elements incorporated. In addition to adding upper cabinets around the kitchen, we also added an appliance garage on the right side and then a full pantry to the right of the built-in banquette. Every potential for storage was utilized.


The result, a stunning and timeless kitchen the family can enjoy for years to come. 

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