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Full service design is our signature service, this encompasses every aspect of your home's re-design or new build. Working on a one-room, multiple room, or full-home basis; we provide everything necessary to fully complete the project from A to Z. 

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1 - Discovery Call 

What are you looking for an interior designer? Is our firm a good fit? Let's hop on a quick call to chat about your project and learn more!

3 - Proposal

We provide a proposal that breaks down the scope of work, design services that will be provided, and total cost for our design services. 

4 - Collaboration

Time to dive in and hit the ground running! We will send you a questionnaire to understand more about you (your family) and your vision. We will ask for you to share some inspiration images to facilitate these discussions, and then design development begins.

6 - Layouts & Trades People

It's time to begin building your dream. Our team will compile a layout presentation on the best use of your space. Once you decide exactly how you want your space to be utilized, we can begin sourcing materials/furnishings and meeting with tradespeople to collect bids for your project.

8 - The nitty gritty

Here we compile the completed work scope, elevations, lighting plans, and design details contractor will need to bid the space. We will then coordinate these meetings and help you collect bids.  We will also work on sourcing all of the remaining items needed to bring your design to life.  This can include any remaining furnishings, accents, lighting, wall coverings, artwork, etc.

10 - Project Fulfillment

Working  alongside the General Contractor, we ensure the details specified are properly executed as they work on your home. We do not manage their team, but we do site visits regularly and solve problems together.

12 - Final Reveal

After everything you have been patiently waiting for, your new space is revealed!  

2 - Consultation

Let's see your space in person and walk through your vision together. Here we will dive into our process, deliverables, and discuss some initial design possiblitites. 

4 - Contract & Retainer

Once the proposal is approved, we will send our contract and retainer invoice. Our contract offers transparent details on the process, how we work, and to set expectations up front.

5 - Site Survey 

First we need the lay of the land, literally.

We will come and take measurements of the entire space (floor plan, furnishings that will remain, art, electrical items, etc). We will observe how light transcends through each room, and what the important sight lines are as one experiences your space.

7 - Design Development

This is when the vision of your space comes to life. Samples are collected to show the material selections, color palette, and textures we are suggesting for your space. Renderings and mood boards are also presented to show how pieces will relate to one another and what your space will feel like. An in-person design meeting is scheduled to review the selections and presentation.

9 - Procrurement

We order, track, and handle all aspects of your products from approval to install.  If custom items are specified or artwork is commissioned, we collaborate with the builders & artists to bring those items to life.

11 - Installation & Accessorizing

We complete your design by accessorizing your home, hanging artwork, and anything else needed for that magazine ready look.

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