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Creative mandate for the home:

These clients were moving from the mid-west to NYC and were looking for a transitional design aesthetic. Something that would still feel authentic to their more traditional style, but with a contemporary slant for their new empty nester lives in NYC. The apartment they rented was across the street from Central Park, so the park itself remained much of the inspiration as the design developed. 

The entryway had a rounded room where we installed a beautiful blue [removable] wallpaper with a nature motif. This made the space feel cozy, with a bit of drama for a unique first impression. The blue then carried into the rest of the home as a common thread throughout.


 The dining chandelier is in the shape of a flower, another nod to the beautiful park outside; while a mix of dark woods, brass, and neutral hues make the space warm and relaxing. 

It can be hard to feel connected to nature in the middle of NYC, but weaving elements that remind us of the natural world around us can help us feel grounded and serene in an otherwise chaotic city. This space offered a sanctuary as they transitioned to a new phase in their lives.

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