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Creative mandate for the home:

This client purchased this 1800 square foot duplex and needed help designing a space that catered to her love of entertaining and prestigious art collection.


The blank canvas called for the selection of all furnishings, rugs, and accents to inform this clients passion for travel and art. We also re-vamped the fireplace, built an outdoor pergola for the terrace, and landscaped the 900 square foot terrace.

The first order of business was reface the fireplace. Previously a heavy stone facade, we upgraded it to a beautiful solid marble, a more fitting material for the homes modern/transitional aesthetic.

The outside deck was one large expansive space that needed to accommodate multiple seating areas for entertaining.  To infuse the terrace with nature, we built a pergola upon the entry to the deck that provided a lush green canopy of wisteria. The plants were situated flanking the pergola and grew over and across to create an arch. Two large AC compactors needed to be hidden as well, so a custom floating wall was erected to conceal them and create a grounding point for one of the seating areas.

Our client loves greenery but didn't have the time to maintain a ton of plants, so an irrigation system was set up around the circumference of the deck and low maintenance perennials were selected to ensure all plants returned year after year, so no additional planting would be needed.


One of the most striking elements of the pergola was that it sits directly across from the apartments front door. This means that every time you enter the home, the first thing you see is a lush arch of wisteria vines with skyscrapers beyond in the background. It makes for a unique juxtaposition and helps to soften the urban landscape outside.

The master bedroom was inspired by the beautiful Turkish rug and moroccan pieces she brought back from her travels and that were inherited from her family. The color palette was focused on creating a serene environment, and a beautiful effervescent wallpaper was placed behind the bed for added texture and dimension.

The guest bedroom's incorporation of green and greenery was to provide a lush contrast to a day trekking around the urban jungle for her many friends and family that visit. 

Lastly, the pair of art pieces (two horizontal pieces stacked to the left of the purple artwork in the stairwell) were commissioned to incorporate the colors in the space, while paying homage our clients passion for the cannabis industry.

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