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Are getting ready to list your home for sale? Do you know you there needs to be some adjustments cosmetically to get your home in tip top shape for a competitive market. Then this service is for you. Let's elevate your home together and help you bring in top dollar.

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Discovery Call 

Let’s have an intro call to discuss an overview of your home, your goals, and to schedule a time to visit the property.

Site Visit & Walk Through

We will join you and your real estate agent for a walk through of your home. Here we listen to your challenges and take note of what small changes could be made , for big impact. We discuss your target demographic and how we can make the home most appealing to them to sell at top dollar.

Upgrade Suggestions

After walking the property we will then put together a list for you of the items that should be changed, suggestions of items that could be brought in to elevate the space, with links of said suggestions.

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Each property that has undergone the real estate refresh has solicited multiple bids within the first week. 

These properties have then sold anywhere from 5%-15% over asking.

Here is an example of one refresh we did for the property shown directly above. 

This was a tight apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Here is a list of what we advised and the sellers accomplished to garner top price.

ASKING $1,100,000

SOLD $1,360,000

  • Use existing large scale furnishings to avoid a large staging fee (their furniture was aesthetically appropriate for the target market so this worked well).

  • Repaint living room, doors, and other walls as needed to give a fresh look.

  • Re-grout around vanity and mirror in bathroom

  • Provide suggestions for new ceiling fans in the bedrooms (they were very traditional in style before).

  • Identify which personal items should be removed and taken to storage - clutter is your biggest enemy when it comes to selling your home. Buyers don't want to see that your items don't fit, because it translates in their mind that there is not enough storage.

  • Provide suggestions in rugs, artwork, pillows, accent lamps, coffee tables, and accents for built-in's to style the space to feel fresh, clean, warm, and inviting. They purchased all items and placed them where we suggested.

  • Attended photo shoot to ensure photos properly captured the space, and all rooms were styled properly (as designers aim to take photos through more of an editorial lens than a traditional real estate lens to distinguish these properties).

  • Total cost for sellers for this refresh (our fee + products purchased + labor for touch ups): $4,800


Net profit: $155,200

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