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Creative mandate for the home:

This NYC one bedroom apartment was completely emptied for a fresh start.  The home was refurnished head to toe, painted throughout, backsplash added in the kitchen, all new lighting, and a custom desk was designed and built. 


 A large enclave in the foyer needed to be maximized, so we had this custom desk built for our client who is a make up artist, to pursue her creative endeavors, while providing a space to showcase their unique action figure collection.

With a small dining alcove between the foyer and the kitchen, we sourced a collapsible dining table. The dining table would collapse down to the size of a console table and expand to a table size suitable for 6. This versatility is critical in NYC. Our client's mom was a creative and passed along the beautiful vintage chandelier and pendants in the kitchen, which informed much of the color scheme for the space. 


A gallery wall was hung in the living room, to showcase our clients family photos and artwork she had collected over the years.


One challenge was a heat pipe that ran along two feet of the wall we wanted to place the sectional on. To solve this problem we had a custom box (same height as sectional running the full length of the wall) built around the pump and empty inside for storage. This bumped the wall out to provide a flush surface for the couch to sit in front of, additional shelf space (similar to a console) behind the couch with outlets for charging her phone/computer, and additional storage for her makeup chair to slide into the box behind the couch. Maximizing storage in NYC is key and this solved multiple items for our client.


The bedroom had no closet space so a his and hers wardrobes were erected to provide the much needed storage.  A beautiful beaded chandelier was selected for high above and a bright color palette of gold and salmon were selected to compliment our clients vibrant personality.


A home that is bohemian inspired to align with the artist who lives here, with art and lighting gathered from family heirlooms, this clients Storie now resonates throughout every aspect of her space.

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