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This NYC one bedroom apartment was completely emptied for a fresh start.
The home was refurnished head to toe, painted throughout, backsplash added in the kitchen, all new lighting, and a custom desk was designed and built. 
A large enclave in the foyer needed to be maximized, so we had this custom desk built for this make up artist to pursue her creative endeavors, while providing a space to showcase their action figure collection.

A gallery wall was hung in the living room, to showcase our clients family photos and artwork she had collected over the years.

A heat pipe blocked a significant part of the wall we wanted to place the sectional on. To solve this we had a custom box built around the pump that bumped the wall out to provide a flush surface for the couch to sit in front of, additional shelf space behind the couch with outlets for charging her phone/computer, and that also provided additional storage for her makeup chair to slide into behind the couch (and into the box).

The bedroom had no closet space so a his and hers wardrobes were erected to provide the much needed storage. 
Bohemian inspired with art and lighting gathered from family heirlooms, this clients Storie now resonates throughout.

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